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Originally hailing from Austin, TX; Dresden Lewis has spent 20+ years and a lifetime working to turn a lust for curiosities and a side show brand of voyeurism into a well-established culinary career. The fine points in commentary on her creations can be summarized in two comments. 

“Well that’s all fine and whatever, but have you ever considered a brownie or like... a New York style cheesecake?” 

“I’m out of my depth here, but I’m no coward”.

She runs her childhood dream of Nommmunism from her licensed home bakery, which she shares with an armed forces veteran who moonlights as her delivery box builder, logo designer, and personal cheerleader; a superb son who thinks Bobby Flay is “a dingus”, three aggressively acceptable fat cats, and surplus of houseplants.

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My Story

After nearly two decades of working for generally well intentioned, but out of touch, high end restaurants... I grew disillusioned with the industry. I forfeited a lucrative career with many hats as executive pastry chef/consulting chef/culinary educator/executive chef, and began to work for grass roots bakeries on the seacoast of NH.  

Energized by a freshly rediscovered love for making tasties that matter, I decided to offer the proverbial finger to the conventional restaurant scape and open Nommmunism. Deliciousness for everyone – pro yum, pro fun, pro homestead, pro-choice, and prohibition style pastries. Handmade to order, for prompt delivery. 

Nommmunism is a business of community support and sharing. All herbs and occasional additional ingredients are grown on site at the Nommmunism HQ - a humble treehouse hidden on the outskirts of Portsmouth. Additional ingredients are sourced locally. A kindly crafted seasonal menu is readily available, but custom orders are encouraged. All inquiries can be sent directly. I’m one woman with a vision, and chatting culinary “can-you?” is a recreational activity. 

Eating and sharing deliciousness is meant to be perpetually accessible, and as such, trading amongst crafters is not only welcomed, it is encouraged. 10% of every order goes directly to The Lovering Clinic in Greenland, NH.  

As Nommmunism is for everyone, when in doubt, let’s talk it out! Introverts unite, quietly from our own safe spaces! You are welcome! 

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