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Oh hey, friend. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions not answered in our handy FAQ section below. 




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  • Where do I pick up my items?
    Two currently offer two pickup locations. Beatnix Coffee Station in Dover, NH and The Green Beautiful in Manchester, NH. When you place an order, your items will be available for pickup at these locations AFTER 9am on Friday or Saturday.
  • Do you deliver, too?
    We started as a delivery bakery; but now focus on pickups from our wholesale locations. Delivery is still an option, but with a minimum order amount and a delivery fee. Feel free to drop us an email to set something up!
  • Ordering Information
    Order at any time, from anywhere. Weekly ordering cuts off every Wednesday at 6pm. Orders can be picked up AFTER 9am on Friday or Saturday morning, and before close of business location. If you're late picking your order up, our pickup location will hold it for you! We only guarantee freshness and maximum delight on the date of your intended pickup! If you've ordered a delivery from us (review our FAQ), * It is YOUR responsibility to have a safe, dry, critter free area to receive your delivery in the event you will not be home. Destroyed or damaged goods will NOT be replaced or refunded!*
  • Are these items vegan?
    Yes, but on the grounds that Nommmunism has successfully found a solution to animal based baked goods that is so lavishly delicious, if you didn’t wouldn’t know. There’s NEVER dairy or eggs in our pastries!
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    At present, no. But... you’re welcome to reach out and craft an order for your loved ones, for delivery!
  • Can I order one of everything?
    Sure, why not? You can build your own assortment, or select one of our “Surprise me!” assortments!
  • What's a pro-choice prohibition bakery?
    10% of all Nommms sales go directly to the Lovering Clinic. The Lovering Clinic ensures that everyone has access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion services. If reading that made you cringe, time to head over to 1-800 Flowers, because this is not your scene! Prohibition pastries are by and large influenced by liqueur, cordials, and boozy floozin’ up pastries whenever possible. Stop blushing, your cabinet vanilla extract has enough cheap vodka in it to make your grandmother excited.
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