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Wholesale Ordering

Email us:
Text/Call us: 603-558-8319


• Orders can be placed Sunday for Wednesday, Monday for Thursday, and Tuesday for Friday. Need an emergency solution? Send a text and we’ll see what we can do!
• Recurring standing orders are encouraged, but we get that business fluctuates!
• Should you choose to arrange recurring order dollar amounts/quantities/days, just reach out and we’ll set something up (yes, this is easier for everyone – most importantly you!)
• Wholesale ordering minimum is $50/delivery


The Goodies

• Not only are we proud to live up to the standards set by your business, we’re delighted that you’re showcasing ours! As such, it is our expectation that you strictly adhere to our shelf life sell by dates (barring freezables, like brownie sheets).
• Our ingredient lists will be made readily available to you as soon as you opt in to ordering from Nommmunism! These lists are required to be kept accessible ON LOCATION at your food service establishment. If you can't print one, no problem – we'll drop off some copies!
• While we pride ourselves on vegan deliciousness, please keep in mind that as a licensed and insured homestead bakery, we are NOT licensed to advertise allergen friendly items. Wheat free is wheat free, NOT gluten free (flour is present), and 99.9% of Nommms contain almond/safflower/coconut.
• Want something we haven’t offered? Reach out. We’ll craft something just for you!


Totally get that things happen in the world of food service! Pipes burst, fridges break, health or chaos or general malaise. It’s wild out here, and you have our sincerest show of solidarity! It is, however, requested that we be given *as much* notice as is humanly possible. Failure to notify us of business closure on a delivery day means we’re still going to charge you if we show up to a locked door. We are a vendor, and we will always do the same for you <3



• Pricing is set to factor in COG & transport. Our 90 day pricing is set, so no worries about fluctuation within the window of your current wholesale sheet.
• We ask only that you not undercut us on your resale pricing, and also that you not gouge the consumer. The average cost of a delivered Nommm is about $5/pastry. We sell to you at a 66% profit to us with a 33% markup margin for you. Use your best judgement, you sly boots!
• Payments are expected no later than UPON DELIVERY. Cash or checks made payable to Nommmunism are accepted. We typically paper invoice, if you want digital copy – let us know.

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